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Interview with author CR Moss + sneak peek into Lovers & The Fiend

Hey beautiful people!

Got someone else in the hot seat today. I'd say she pulled herself out of tricky questions quite nicely. Congrats, CR Moss! *grin*

This gal writes some dark stuff but the little excerpts she showed me for this feature had me hooked. Yes, she can write dark, and she does it really well. I'm a new fan...

Want to get to know her? Look no farther! Here she is for you - CR Moss.
So, tell us a bit about you, and something we don't know/wouldn't expect about you. And what does the C stand for? J
Hi! Thanks for having me here today. J
My name is Chris, and I write under the names C.R. Moss for erotic and mainstream romance and Casey Moss for mainstream dark fiction (horror, suspense, urban fantasy). My professional bio for C.R.: “An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities when it comes to love.
Basically I write stories from the light and sweet to the dark and deadly with varying degrees of sexual heat. The bio for my other persona: Casey Moss delves into the darker aspects of life in her writing, sometimes basing the stories on reality, sometimes on myth. No matter the path, her stories will take you on a journey from the light-hearted paranormal to dark things unspeakable. What waits around the corner? Come explore…
As for something not known/wouldn’t expect…hmmm…I crewed for a balloon pilot once upon a time.
A list of favorites – tell us why in each case!
            Favorite moment of the day ~ When hubby comes home from work. <3
            Favorite day of the week ~ Friday – the start of the weekend.
            Favorite food and/or drink ~ anything made from potatoes. The ultimate comfort food.
            Favorite TV show ~ Oh, I have a few & it depends upon where we’re at in the year. At the beginning of the year it was American Horror Story: Asylum. Now it’s Spartacus: War of the Damned. Eventually it’ll be Breaking Bad and Mad Men. I’m into Being Human and Person of Interest as well. Must have something to do with the testosterone… *wink*
Favorite actor/eye candy ~ Jim Caviezel ~ I like the character he plays in Person of Interest and how he’s so controlled during the fight scenes.
            Favorite piece of clothing ~ shorts and a t-shirt
You're a color – which one are you and why?

Black. It’s my favorite.
Why “writing”?

Writing is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. It’s like breathing and eating. It’s intrinsic, a must do or I’ll go crazy type thing.
Lol, ain’t that the truth! J
Pantster or plotter?
A combination of the two. I do an information dump and outline as much of the story that’s in my head first thing. Then I work off the outline, fleshing out all the ideas and stuff. If I over plan, then sometimes I feel like the story’s already been written, and I end up not wanting to work on it for quite some time. I’d say I’m a combination of the two. When I have an idea for a story and my muse is chomping at the bit for me to write it, I’ll do what’s called an information dump where I’ll outline the story through brief descriptions of scenes or dialogue or a combination of them. It’s like a pre-first draft. Then I’ll work off that draft while keeping my mind open and being flexible to any changes that might crop up. To say that’s plotting just seems too rigid to me.
Why the genre in which you write?
When it comes to the erotic material, that I just kind of fell into. My first love was dark fiction/horror so that’s the direction I lean toward in most of my work. As for the contemporary, chick lit I write, well, that’s a nice break from the darker stuff.

Hmm, yes. Chick-lit is the solution to all woes. That, and shoes... J

Characters – do yours scare you, make you wonder how on earth you’re gonna convey their story?

Nah. I give them their space, and if they need time, I’ll give them that, too. Don’t want to rush them ’cause then they won’t want to talk. They do surprise me on occasion. There was one story I wrote where a sibling decided to sacrifice herself for her sister. That was an emotional situation for me to write, and it surprised me that she’d go to that length.

What unique factor do you think you bring to the book/story market?

My themes and subjects seem to revolve around issues about trust and commitment, sometimes betrayal, sometimes about spirituality and/or religion. Sometimes, thought, a story is just about two people meeting and hooking up without anything too deep going on. My stories tend toward being realistic even if there is a paranormal thing going on.

Tell us about your latest release

Today I’m here to tout my latest C.R. Moss release, Lovers and the Fiend. This is a story in Evernight Publishing’s Naughty Fairy Tale line. The characters, Jack and Kristina, appeared in my short story – Chasing Miss Kringle – that’s in an Evernight Publishing anthology – Stockings and Suspenders. This is the first of a handful of stories I have planned for the NFT line that revolve around the world started in CMK and Lovers. You don’t have to read the anthology story to read Lovers, but it’d be nice if you did. ;)

Blurb for Lovers and the Fiend:

Ex-cop turned private investigator, Jack Vorst, learns his elf girlfriend Kristina has been missing for a few days after being invited to an underground vampire club. He, too, is summoned to visit club Hexenringe and is taken captive. Jack finds Kristina bound and gagged in a human sized bird cage. They’re both thrust into a kinky world at the hands of Kol, the club owner. Kol, a vampiric beast, shifts into human form to be with Jack and Kristina and needs them to remember their pasts and to love him so he can return to what he used to be. Can Kol make the pair fall in love with him despite his current situation and the fact he’s keeping them captive or will they leave, making it too late for him to change all their fates?
Warning: ménage a trois, M/M, bondage, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition
Excerpt: A peek into the beginning of the story…
Chapter One

I have your woman. A nice piece of ass she is, too. She tells me you’re not bad yourself. I would love for you to join us later. A car will be waiting for you outside your office at noon today where my assistant will fill you in on some details. If you know what’s good for you and your gal, you’ll take advantage of this invitation. See you soon. ~ Kol Ainmire

Jack Vorst’s temper went full tilt within a second. His blood pounded hard through his head and body. He’d told Kristina to be careful when she went out on her cases, but it seemed she still had gotten herself in trouble. Not good.

“Vic! Get in here!” Trying to check and rein in his anger before he popped a vessel, Jack grabbed the letter he’d found on his desk while going through a stack of mail and a couple of case files. The paper crinkled within his one clenched hand, and the envelope it’d come in bunched up in his other.

He kept his gaze downcast, ground his teeth. No sense in looking at the tan colored walls that were littered with stenciling in his office and be more irritated than he already was. The design and colors reminded him of the Native American beaded belts people sold at roadside stands.

Vic’s wife, Malory, who worked in the adjoining office suites, loved her southwestern motifs. All the rooms for both divisions of the business were decorated to represent Arizona and New Mexico. The decorating style with too many colors and crazy patterns made his head swim, gave him a headache. He hated headaches.

Staring at the crumpled papers in his hands, he sighed. Truth be told, Kristina’s whereabouts and her lack of checking in for several days only concerned him a little. She was able to take care of herself, and he trusted her. He loved her, wanted her to be safe, so of course he worried some. But being an elf gave her an advantage that mere humans didn’t have­—the ability to escape situations by simply disappearing and reappearing elsewhere.

Except this time.

*end of excerpt*

Buy Links for Lovers & The Fiend:

In 5 words or less:
      Your book: Different, sexy, magical, fantasy, hot
      Your heroine: Kristina ~
      Your hero: Jack ~
      Your setting/location: Las Vegas, desert, nightclub, mansion, ‘den’
What real-life actors are playing the roles?

Jack ~ Karl Urban
Kristina ~ It’s a toss-up between Christina Hendricks & Karen Gillan
Kol ~ Ian Somerhalder with long black hair

Sidero ~ Anne Hathaway with her long dark hair but make-up job has to age her and make her look ‘weathered’
Not sure of who would play the other characters

Now that’s a cast! And Ian Somerhalder? *swoon*

This movie needs a soundtrack – what songs/tracks best fit your book?

Anything alternative/dark, ie: Korn, Disturbed, Seether, Marilyn Manson, etc.

What’s their favorite food?


Where can we find you and your books?

Find C.R. Moss here ~

Evernight Publishing – C.R. Moss
Decadent Publishing – C.R. Moss
Link for Casey Moss ~

Pleasure to have you over (and again, amazed someone pulled out of the questions with such flying colours! LOL)

Peeps, I'm definitely checking this book out when I have a minute. Why don't you join me?

From Mauritius with love,



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