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Stepping Stones by Elizabeth Morgan... or how to step out of your comfort zone!

Hey beautiful people!

Stepping Stones .... or stepping out of your comfort zone?

It's a pleasure today to welcome a lovely, lovely lady - a fantastic friend, a fabulous author, and one of the nicest women I've had the chance to meet in the writing world.
Elizabeth Morgan has 2 books releasing back to back, and lo and behold, she'll also be here back to back (today and tomorrow!) to tell us about these new stories.

We kickstart today with her sweet romance contemporary read ... or the story of how she stepped out of her comfort zone.

Enjoy! (btw, isn't that a gorgeous cover???)


A bit of a stretch
By Elizabeth Morgan

Stepping Stones is my first contemporary book, and I have to say a part of me is wondering if I have pulled it off. Have I managed to create an interesting, and good contemporary romance?

As someone who prefers to write paranormal/urban fantasy I found writing a strictly contemporary book rather restricting. You see, I am use to having no boundaries when it comes to world building or characters; the sky is literally the limit, so I actually found it a little hard to write within my own reality; everyday life with normal people, and problems.

Don’t get me wrong; every book I have written to date has been - in one way - a contemporary novel as the time period has been set in modern day; the year not being any further than six years from where we are now. But paranormal elements have always been a strong and big factor in these stories, so it was odd for me to not have one of my characters end up shifting into a werewolf, or sprouting wings.

Stepping Stones is also my first sweet romance, a book where sexual desire doesn’t play a part in the story, or play a big role in my characters relationship. That sounds terrible, I know, but in itself such a change was another big challenge for me as I am first and foremost an Erotic Romance writer. But I dreamt this story, and I fell in love with it. So, I had to write it.

Ignoring the restriction I felt when writing this story – restrictions that faded once I got into it - I did enjoy writing this book. In a lot of ways, and I know it may sound silly, but this book was me stepping outside of my comfort zone; trying something new. I know how crazy that sounds, but every writer has a genre they favour, or one they may have a talent for. There are genres in which I would love to dabble in, for example, steampunk, but I don’t feel I would do a good job. Then again, who knows? Maybe one day I will be able to take that step and create a really good story, only time and experience will tell.

So, even though having Stepping Stones contracted and published is a good sign, I do feel it was a small stretch for me. And this particular book will continue to have a question mark over the top of it until I find out whether or not I have the knack for the genre. I’m sure my readers, old and new, will let me know, and as always I will appreciate your honesty.

For now, I shall leave you with the blurb and a nice long excerpt from, Stepping Stones.

~ * ~

Stepping Stones

There's nothing like a wedding to bring the family together . . . .

And if it wasn't her baby sister’s wedding, Margaret West, wouldn't be returning home at all.
Why else would she go back after six years knowing full well that she has people to face, and explanations to give?
If her parent’s interrogation wasn't bad enough, the fact that she has to be civil to her foster brother, Adrian, is. Best friends since childhood, they haven't spoken since he went to America . . . The day before Margaret was supposed to be getting married.
And to make matters worse, her ex-fiancĂ©e, William, is the Vicar who will be conducting her sister’s wedding ceremony!
All want an answer from her, and they aren't taking no as one of them. Why did she run in the first place? Why has she been so angry with, Adrian? Why didn't she marry, William?

Margaret isn't even sure she knows the real reasons any more.

~ * ~

Chapter One

December 9, 2013
Several months ago, Jessica—my younger sister—called to announce that she and Edward finally set a date, and she wanted me to design and make her wedding dress. I had promised her that I would when her big day came; so I had to keep my promise.
That seemed like the simple part.
Then she informed me that she wanted me to be her maid of honour; I hadn't been expecting that piece of information.
I tried to coax her into changing her mind and giving the honour to her best friend Stacie, but being a sweet and determined young woman, Jess managed to make me agree. Any other sister would be thrilled by such a requested; for some reason, the honour didn't thrill me.
My sister's impending marriage to Edward made me happy, but the thought of trying to excuse myself from the wedding, well, the idea slammed against the walls of my brain more than a few times over the last four months, and, I'm ashamed to add, repeatedly. But I couldn't do that. Not to Jess, not my baby sister, and not on her special day. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I couldn't. I would never forgive myself.
So why do I have an overpowering urge to fling open the train door and jump?
I watched the passing scenery blend together, turning into nothing more than flying colours as the train to Penzance took me farther away from the hustle and bustle of my busy London life. With each second, I felt my heart sinking lower and lower into my stomach as the carriage gently rocked from side to side.
Survive two days, and then go home. Back to my routine, my life; far away from the end of the world.
I closed my eyes and rested my head back against the seat, holding back the tears.
What kind of a sister am I? It’s bad enough that I’ve delayed coming until two days before the wedding. Now I want to cry like a silly child, just because I have to go somewhere I don’t want to go.
I took a deep breath and looked out of the window. "Stop being stupid." I mumbled to myself, grateful for the empty seats nearby.
The sun crept downward, trying to hide its face behind the passing hills. Hiding the way I wanted to; the way I had been.
Not yet 4:00 p.m. yet, and the sun had almost vanished. Typical of Jess to want to get married in winter.
"The magic of Christmas." She laughed down the phone when she told me the wedding would be in December; my sister, the young romantic.
Early today, my mother phoned and demanded I stay in my family home instead of going to a hotel. Reluctantly, I agreed. In all honesty, I actually missed her, and my father, even though I knew he wouldn't keep his mouth shut for the duration of my visit. He would probably guilt trip me into going back for Christmas.
I looked forward to a long and uncomfortable few days.
And no one to blame but myself.


From Mauritius with love,



Toni Sands said...

This makes me want to read the book so well done you! It's brave to try something outside your comfort zone.

Zee Monodee said...

The books sounds amazing, Toni - I totally agree with you! :)

Elizabeth Morgan said...

Thanks, Toni. I have to admit that it felt damn good when I finally wrote "The end." I am glad I wrote this book. I just hope everyone who reads it, enjoys it.

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

And thank you for having me, Zee! :-D

Zee Monodee said...

Most welcome, sweetie! :) xoxo

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