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Author Liza O'Connor interviews her characters from SAVING CASEY

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Pleasure today to welcome a new author who recently joined the Deacdent Publishing author loop. Liza O'Connor is a delightful, slightly nutty lady, and an absolute joy to know. Trust me, she can brighten any day with her wit. *grin*

Her debut release, Saving Casey, has already been climbing the charts and earning rave reviews.

I asked her over, and Liza is interviewing the characters from her book today. Take a look-see: you won't be disappointed!

Liza, floor's yours!

Liza: Thanks for the chairs, Zee. They are so comfortable that I may never leave. I brought with me my heroine and hero of Saving Casey, Cass and Troy. Troy, could you lurk in the shadowy corner so you don’t distract Cass to the point she can’t talk. The girl’s hormones light up like a Christmas tree when you’re around.

Troy: I do everything possible not to light up anything.

Liza: Seriously? You think that dark glower and muscular body is a turn off? Just go to the corner. Cass, move your chair so you can’t see him. Let the record show, I originally planned to just invite Cass, only Troy insists upon going wherever she goes.

Cass: What record? We aren’t in a court room—and trust me. I’ve very familiar with courtrooms.

Liza: Don’t I know it. I’ve four lawyers on speed dial because of you. Every time I turned around, I needed legal advice.
Cass: That is so not my fault.

Zee: Um, ladies, can we move this along?

Liza: Excellent advice, Zee, thank you.  Now Cass, I understand when you woke up from your attempted suicide in the hospital, you couldn’t remember anything.

Cass: That’s not exactly accurate, and shouldn’t you know that, given you wrote the book?

Liza: I’m pretending to be an interviewer who hasn’t actually read the book. Will you go along?
Cass: (rolls eyes)  I told everyone I couldn’t remember my past, since the truth would have gotten me a padded room for the rest of my life. As you know, a day ago I was an eighty-year-old woman. I’d just received a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. Instead of enduring a prolonged death, I committed suicide. I expected to come back as a newborn baby.  Instead, I wake up in the body of seventeen-year-old severely troubled teen. Only all my memories are of my eighty years. I have no clue what this young girl has endured or done. All I know is that she’s dead, and somehow I’m inexplicably alive in her body.

Liza: That’s weird. How do you think that happened?

Cass: I go back and forth on this. Sometimes I think God did it to punish me for checking out early instead of enduring a long and painful death.  Then other times, I felt he must really like me.  There’s also the possibility that he just wanted to teach me a lesson for always harping at him that he wasted life lessons on the old who can barely walk. Our young people really need to be down loaded with life lessons from the start of life.  So maybe he wanted to show me how little life experience mattered when up against teenage hormones.
Liza: Take my advice. Don’t give lecture God. It never goes well. So let’s talk about safer topics. I understand you fell in love with an older man in this story. Thirteen years older, if I’ve done the math right.
Cass: Well, that depends on how you look at it.  While I’m in the body of a seventeen-year-old, I have far more life experience than Troy—he’s only 30.  So mentally, one could say he’s too young for me. However, I don’t think age should matter once everyone is an adult. Men never grow up anyway.  And before you say it, I am aware my body is seventeen, which means I’m jailbait in Connecticut. However, when we stayed in my dad’s Montana cabin, I was legal.

Liza: And how did that work out?

Cass: (heavy sigh)  Not at all. Troy refused to even consider the idea. In fact, when I suggested it, he bit my head off.

Liza: Troy come out the shadows and pull up a chair. I want to get your side of the story, since you insisted upon coming to this interview.

( Troy sits, still wearing his dark Raybons. But Liza suspects he’s glaring at her)

Liza: What were your first opinions about Cass when you met her?

Troy: First, of all, Dan, Cass’ father is not just my employer, he’s my best friend. I’d heard about all the outrageous stunts Casey pulled in the past, so when Dan asked me to accompany him to the school because someone had just texted him she was going to be gang-raped after school, I immediately suspected she wrote the text. I mean seriously, this is the kid who bought a two hundred thousand dollar necklace, put it around a dog’s neck then laughed when it ran off. I accompanied him to the school, but I thought it another outrageous ploy for attention. When she came out of detention hall, however, she seemed genuinely shocked at her father’s arrival. I realized the threat credible when we exited the building, where the boys waited for her on the steps, and they looked intent upon trouble.
Liza: So you believe she was in serious danger that day?

Troy: Absolutely.
Liza: And that small fact convinced you she was better than her past deeds implied?

Troy: When we finally got to the safety of the limo, she declared her day a great one. At first I thought her mad, but when she ran though all the positives of her day, versus the gang rape, which didn’t happen, I thought her attitude amazingly logical and mature. Later, when I taught her some martial art moves in the gym, I discovered she possessed a fabulous sense of humor.

Liza: So you liked her?

Troy: Honestly? From that very first day, my feelings were stronger than ‘like’, but I fought like hell not to admit that, even to myself. I don’t care how mature she seemed, she was only seventeen and my best friend’s baby girl. But the longer I remain around her, the more I love her. Still, it doesn’t matter. I will always be too old for her. She deserves a boyfriend her own age.

Cass: (Loud snort)

Liza: So why don’t you tell ‘your friend, Dan’ to find a new security guy for his daughter and get yourself out of an impossible situation?

Troy: Because I don’t believe anyone else can keep her safe. Despite Cass’ determined efforts to turn her life around, nothing is going her way. Honestly, I don’t believe Cass would be here today had I’d let someone else watch over her. None of us understood what’s going on, what has been going on for years. It’s a miracle Cass has managed to survive this long.

Liza: Well, I’d love to ask you to further explain yourself, but then no one would have a reason to read the book, so let’s stop the interview here and I’ll promo the book instead.


Eighty-year-old Cass wakes up in the body of a troubled seventeen-year-old girl named Casey, which all believe has survived a suicide attempt. Cass intends to turn the girl’s life around, only it’s harder than she expects. All Casey’s troubles have now become Cass’s and someone wants her dead.

Here’s a fabulous Book Trailer Saving Casey:

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Liza shares information about herself:
I'm a novelist with a flair for the unusual plot. By living life to its fullest,
I give my characters great fodder to exploit.

Blog and Website:
Follow at Twitter @Liza0Connor

Sounds like one heck of a story, peeps! I'm lining up to grab this - join me?

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Karen WIlson said...

Love the idea of an eighty year old given a chance to help a teen. What a ride.

Jessica Subject said...

Wow, I'm crushing on Troy, too. *grins* Can't wait to read Saving Casey. It's already on my e-reader. All the best, Liza! :)

Zee Monodee said...

Lol, sounds like an awesome ride, and I'm crushing on Troy, too. :)

Liza O'Connor said...

Karen, Cass can't decide if God really likes her or is pissed off because she jumped ship on dying with cancer. It depends on her day and what happens.

Jessica, Cass say keep your mitts away.She's warned me off too.

Zee: ditto from Cass. He is hers. She doesn't care how long she has to wait for age not to matter. Troy is HER soulmate, so mitts off.

(Not sure what's with the 'mitts' today.)

Thanks you all for stopping by and commenting.

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