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Spotlight Saturday: HIS CHOSEN BRIDE by Sherry Gloag

Hey peeps

I did tell you that sometimes on Saturdays now, I would have guests coming over. Today's guest is none other than a good friend of mine, fellow Six Sunday author Sherry Gloag. The regulars here will remember Sherry visited us already at the start of the month - she was here to tell us about From Now Until Forever, her first "royals" Gasquet Princes release from Astrea Press. At the end of that post, I had promised that Sherry would be be back soon to tell us about Book 2 of that series...

... and here she is!

Hi Sherry! Lovely to have you back, darlin'!!

JThanks, Zee, for having me back again. How did you know I love the Mauritius sunshine so much?

Hmm, that legendary sun... It's made our name as a hotspot destination, lol.

So, Sherry, you're here today to tell us about your latest release, Book 2 of your royal Gasquet Princes series *yummy! Cannot wait to get my hands on this one!*

Lol, definitely! The title is His Chosen Bride, and here's a little insight:


Prince Henri Gasquet is happy to let his father, the king, choose his bride for him, until he meets Monica Latimer.
Monica Latimer is not prepared to risk letting any man close enough to learn about her Gift. A gift that normally has men running for the hills when they find out about it.


          She lost track of time until the flames caught her attention once more. They flickered from orange to gold, to silver, to white.

         A flurry of snowflakes masked the flames and for a second Monica watched the most beautiful, pristine snow-scene she’d ever seen. Her lips curved in longing. How she’d love to get a toboggan and slide down that slope. She knew where it was, and had done just that many times in her childhood, first with her parents and then, in clandestine manner, with her brother. Sneaking an old tin tray from the back of her mother’s walk-in pantry, she’d then grabbed Billy’s hand and they’d rushed out the back gate, heading for the lakeside track that led up into the hills.

        Darkness, dense and thick with grief dropped over the scene. Startled and disconcerted by the strength of emotion emanating from the vision Monica shifted to her knees, ready to stand, when a voice, a deep male voice, sharp with fear called out her name.


       She knew she’d never heard the voice before, and yet—it was as familiar to her as the image she saw in her mirror each morning.

      “Help me, Monica.”

      Desperate for more clues, she searched the darkness within the flames until it sputtered and faded. With a curse she jumped up and ran for the phone. With her outstretched hand hovering over it she halted and let her hand drop to her side once more. What could she say? What would the police or rescue team think of her if she called them and told them she’d seen a vision of a man in distress?

    They’d laugh in her face and classify her as a lunatic. Well, maybe not. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d contacted them with positive information but something—an instinctive gut reaction told her what she’d seen this time hadn’t happened yet.

** end of excerpt **

Goodness, can anyone dare tell me they're not intrigued by this story yet???

Okay, tell us - In 5 words:

Your book: His Chosen Bride
Your heroine: Dreamer, steadfast, hard-working, empathy, loyal
Your hero: dedicated, work-a-holic, solid, dependable, loyal
You as an author: growing, excited, romantic, realistic, seeking

Your characters end up in a world where everyone's a fashionista – how do they dress and what are they wearing?

Henri is used to being at the forefront of media attention so would dress to the occasion.
Monica would need expert advice, and while carrying off/out her social obligations would long to be back in casual wear.

Fish out of the water, eh? Poor girl... But I'm sure the love of Henri will make it all right J
So, what was the original idea behind this book, and how did this story come into being?

His Chosen Bride turned up out of the blue, you could say, because Henri Gasquet, the oldest brother of Liam – hero in From Now Until Forever – suddenly demanded his story be told. Great, you may think, but at no time while writing From Now Until Forever did I expect to be turning it into the first of a four-book series! I hope to have Jubilee and The Playboy Prince written before the end of the summer. Ideally I’m aiming to finish Jubilee in time to coincide with the British Royal celebrations this June.

Hmm, the British royals... Lots of fodder for story inspiration there, innit? *wink*
Oh, and I hope you'll consider coming back here to tell us about Jubilee and The Playboy Prince? *please, pretty please...?  J*

Okay, for those readers who are catching you for the first time here - tell us a bit about you, and something we don't know/wouldn't expect about you.

Hmmmmm, I love chocolate, but sadly, it has recently taken a scunner to me. I can still eat it, but only infrequently and in very small ‘doses’! LOL

Oh no!! That sounds like hell on earth, to not be able to eat chocolate *gasp*!

What’s your favorite moment of the day, and why?

You know, I can’t say I have a ‘favourite moment’ of the day. But I do have lots of moments that become favourites— if you know what I mean? It could be the slant of the sun through trees, the sound of birdsong, the sight of thousands, and I do mean thousands, of geese flying overhead. The sound of a child’s laughter, a smile, the gift of friendship. Those are the sort of things I mean.

Every moment can be special, right? Very true...

A funny now: You're a color – which one are you and why?

Red is such a cheerful colour, so I like that, but again, colour creates moods, and so I like different ones at different times.

What unique factor do you think you bring to the book/story market?

This is a hard question to answer. I’d like to say ‘reality’, but then perhaps this would put readers off, especially if they want a book to ‘escape’ with, so I’ll try to explain. How can I create reality when I’ve never spoken to a member of royalty, when I don’t mix with high-fliers? I try to imagine the impact it would have on those people if they found themselves in the kind of world and situations most of us live in. I suppose you could say I try to take the rug out from under their normal comfort zone, and put them in a sphere that holds different values from those they normally live by and see how they react.
For those who take in that ‘high-flier’ I sit back and watch their preconceptions either build or destroy relationships between them and their visitor.

Sounds like a brilliant approach, and if I were to believe the reviews your books have been getting, you've hit the nail on the head J

Best advice you've received, and that you'd want others to know?

Do you mean as an author or generally? For an author, self-belief and perseverance are the two best pieces of advice I received while working through edits for my debut novel.

Generally? Facing choices honestly. Even if you do nothing when faced with a situation, at some level you made that choice not to do anything. You can act or react, that is your choice too.

Very wise words, indeed - everything comes down to a choice...
Where can we find you and your books?

My Website:
My Blog:

His Chosen Bride –Book 2 in the Gasquet Princes series:
Astraea Press
Amazon UK

From Now Until Forever –Book 1 in the Gasquet Princes series:
Astraea Press
Amazon UK

Thanks for coming over, Sherry! I'm totally stoked to have had you visiting once again, and for getting the chance to share the word about your new book (which sounds amazing, btw!)

I’ve loved every moment of it, thanks for having me here again.

You're welcome back at any time! I hope you will consider coming over again for the releases of Jubilee and The Playboy Prince

Peeps, do make it a point to check out Sherry's series - the links are all up above for each book.

Thanks everyone for visiting today - hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

From Mauritius with love,



Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks for having me here again, Zee. I'm thoroghly ennjoying my visit.

Zee Monodee said...

Most welcome, Sherry! xoxo

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