Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday: JS Wayne visits!

Hello beautiful people!

Today, I'm glad to bring to you an awesome author I'm proud to call my friend - fellow Noble Romance comrade, JS Wayne!

I met JS when I joined Noble last year, and within a few days of meeting him, this man was my go-to destination to get a smile on no-matter-how-hard a day I was having. Filled with a stupendous sense of humour (do not - I repeat do not! - read his blog posts or emails while you're eating or drinking in front of your computer!), that you'll discover rife in the interview below, JS is also one of those unpretentious and truly-nice people whom you cannot help but like and champion.

Please read on for the amazing answers he provided to my first attempt at an interview questionnaire (yes, unknowingly, he served as a test subject... I hope he won't mind... *sheepish grin*).


So, JS - tell us a bit about you, and something we don't know/wouldn't expect about you.

Let’s see: I was born in Amarillo, Texas, but I’ve knocked around most of the country, excluding New England. In the process I’ve amassed an eclectic resume and learned a great deal more than I probably wanted to know.
Something you don’t know about me: I wear a white chef’s hat with a plastic spork on the front of it when I write. Why? Because sporks are a long-running inside joke with me, and I like to cook up good stories, so it was almost inevitable that sooner or later, the two would be combined. It sounds a little nuts, but it works. J

*I actually choked on my sip of green tea when I read the last part! Told you to be prepared!*

What’s your favorite moment of the day, and why?

I love twilight. That moment just before full dark, but when there’s just enough residual daylight left to see. You can almost feel the world settling down for the night, and it’s probably the most peaceful time of the day.

You're a color – which one are you and why?

Black! Just about everything I wear has at least some element of black in it. I’ve always liked black because it’s such a versatile color, and anyone who knows me won’t be the least bit surprised to find out that black is my favorite, second only to clear. J

Why become a writer?

Depending on my mood, I may tell you “because it’s the thing I’m best at,” “because it’s more legal than robbing liquor stores,” or “because I’m directly out of my mind!” All of these are equally true, but the fact is I just love telling a good story. J

As writers, we are bombarded with ideas every minute of every day. How do you sort through these ideas, to stick to the 'viable' ones?

I usually find that if I sleep on an idea for three days straight and it doesn’t go away or become more “faded” in my mind, it’s usually worth pursuing. Several of my more offbeat ideas, such as “Dancing On Flames” and the forthcoming “Dead Means Dead,” started off this way.

How do you develop an idea into a book?

My writing process starts with, obviously, an idea. I tend to think in very grand terms, so I start with the world in which my characters will be moving. Once I’ve got the broad strokes of the world together, then I create characters who can influence their world. This sounds very simple, but it takes a great deal of planning and forethought. I’m usually thinking at least two chapters AHEAD of what I’m writing at any given time.
And, of course, the unavoidable ass in chair time!

If there's one book you wish you had written, which one is it and why that book in particular?

Heh. Every book on the New York Times Bestseller list makes me feel that way! Someday, Stephen King. Someday!!!
In all seriousness, I just dream of writing That Book: the one that really puts me on the map. I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but the odds get better and better with every piece I put out.

Which is easier for you – narrative, or dialogue?

I love dialogue, because that’s where all the humor comes from. But I’m best and most comfortable at narrative, because I’m all about setting up a scene and creating the physical and psychological tension before a word is ever spoken.

POV of predilection? Which POV mixes with you like oil and water?

I like first and third-person, so I don’t really get scared off by either one. But I HATE second person. Luckily, that’s pretty rare. Third-person limited is probably the most challenging for me, but all of them offer their own unique rewards and headaches.

Drafts, edits, polishing – love or loathe? Can you please explain?

I’m about to confess to something that flies in the face of everything you’ve ever heard about publishing. I typically write, at MOST, two drafts of a story on average before I submit it for publication. I write the first draft, send it off to my beta readers, and then combine all their comments into one document. Once I have that I make what changes I deem necessary and then send it off. (I have VERY good beta readers.)
Edits don’t scare me at all. The first edits I ever did, for “Angels Would Fall,” sent me straight to the liquor cabinet, but since then, I’ve gotten a lot more accustomed to how they work. Because of that, I think my stories have gotten a lot better and NEED a lot less attention than they used to, but I still give them a pretty thorough going over.
I love polishing because I know that’s how I assure myself that when a reader picks up a J.S. Wayne story, they know what they’re going to get, if not necessarily HOW. J

What unique factor do you think you bring to the book/story market?

Well, the fact that I’m a straight male writing erotic romance makes me a definite minority, but unique? I think the way I view the world and things I see around me colors my writing and gives me a voice that stands apart from the pack. Also, I love to take things that seem to go together like Scotch and cheesecake and throw them into a blender just to see what comes out.

Best advice you've received, and that you'd want others to know?

*Laughs* There has been so much wonderful advice I’ve received. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard over and over again is, “Get your ASS in the CHAIR and WRITE!” That’s the only way to get good at what you do. Do it correctly over, and over, and over, and over, until it becomes second nature. Then success becomes almost a given.

On to the promo bit now!

The book I want to talk about today is my forthcoming release from Noble Romance, “Dead Means Dead.” This story started life as Amber Green’s vague, one-off “What would y’all think about . . . “ remark in my crit group’s chat room. I hadn’t done anything with zombies yet, and I got to thinking about how best to marry lesbians, zombies, college, and music together.
The result is “Dead Means Dead,” a dark lesbian erotic romance set in the first moments of a zombie apocalypse. Here’s the blurb:

Louise is having a bad day: a near-fatal overdose of nicotine while cramming for exams, rehearsal under a director she can’t stand, and ill-fitting shoes.  Surely there has to be a limit to what a girl has to put up with!  But then she meets the pretty new stagehand, Angie.  Instant attraction leads to a sexy sojourn in the dressing room. 
The day’s looking up, until the director barges in on their interlude and falls no-pulse dead on the floor–only to recover and attack Louise.  Angie savagely defends Louise and they flee to the safety of the quad.  The girls discover that their fallen assailant is only the first wave of a horrific outbreak and that their campus is cut off from the outside world. 
Their best hope to stay alive is to stay together.  Exploring one another’s bodies and learning the deepest secrets of their hearts in the enforced closeness, each finds in the other’s arms something she never knew she wanted.  But before they can fully explore their new passion, they must learn to survive in a terrifying new world. 
There oughta be a law: Dead means dead!

I’d love to be able to give you an excerpt, but right now I’m waiting for edits. So what I’ll do instead is give you this free read, taking you right up to hour before “Dead Means Dead” begins. Keep watching http://lvsz.wordpress.com for more information and updates on the Lesbians Vs. Zombies line, and “Dead Means Dead!”

In 5 words:     
Your book
Resident Evil meets Girl, Interrupted

Your main protagonist
Actress needs lover, fitting shoes.

Your other protagonist
Sexy female stagehand protects actress
You as an author
Do Not Disturb. Inflammable contents.

Let's say your book is a movie – which one does it most closely resemble?
Zombie-wise, I guess it’s closest to Resident Evil. In every other way, think Thelma And Louise, if T&L were in love with each other.

What real-life actors are playing the roles?

I had to do some research, because I don’t watch TV or movies nearly as much as most people and don’t really think of my characters in terms of who could play them. (That’s part of the reason I was behind getting this post in. Eep!)
For Louise, I chose Blake Lively. I don’t know much about her acting, but she has the right look.
For Angie, I had to dig a little deeper, but I came up with Lyndsy Fonseca. She has exactly the right look, and she already has some screen time as a lesbian, playing a lesbian cheerleader on the small screen in Heroes.
David doesn’t exactly get a lot of stage time in “Dead Means Dead,” but he is important enough to the story to rate consideration. I couldn’t come up with a perfect match, but if you take Jonah Hill (Superbad) and put him in a blender with Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), you’ve got a pretty good idea of what I saw when I put David’s character together.

Now this movie needs a soundtrack – what songs/tracks best fit your book?

Techno music plays a HUGE role in “Dead Means Dead.” So, with that in mind, anything by The Crystal Method, Moby, Paul Oakenfold, or Massive Attack would fit the bill nicely.

Your characters end up in a world where everyone's a fashionista – how do they dress and what are they wearing?

What’s a fashionista? *Grins*
My characters are most likely to find the most comfortable articles of clothing that won’t get them snickered at or cause a flashback to 1983 and go with those. They’re not “femmes” in the proper sense of the word, but they’re not really “butch,” either. I just call them women and drive on.

Where can we find you and your books?

You can find me at http://jswayne.wordpress.com or on Twitter @jswayne702. Most of my books are available from Noble Romance Publishing (http://nobleromance.com/authors/155) or on Smashwords. I hope you’ll pop in and say hi!

Thanks for the answers, and for coming over! I'm totally stoked to have you visiting JXOXO

Thanks for having me here today, Zee! It’s been a lot of fun. J

From Mauritius with love,



Faith said...

Black all the way! It's classy, it's chic.

I enjoy writing first and third person too.

Great interview!

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Faith! JS totally rocked the answers :)

Shelly Goodman Wright said...

Great interview!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Great post - I have some of J.S' stuff on my Kindle waiting to be read and I'm looking forward to it, because he never lets me down! :)

Jessica Subject said...

A fabulous interview! I've only read one book in second person, titled You by Charles Benoit. It took a bit to get into the POV, but once I did, I was amazed. I wouldn't try writing in that POV myself though.

All the best!

Zee Monodee said...

Thank you, Shelly! JS takes most of the credit though :)

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks for coming over, Lucy! I'm sure you'll love is work - I've also got a couple in my TBR and looking forward to delving into them :)

Zee Monodee said...

Hey Jessica!

Lol, 2nd person scares the life out of me, even more than 1st - wouldn't try it even if I had to do it to save my life :)


R. Renee Vickers said...

"Resident Evil meets Girl, Interrupted" Buahahahaha! This tickled me and I'm not sure why!

and Ahem...but with your favorite colors... Somehow I was thinking Seran Wrap when you said clear and I had this weird mental image of a streaking sweedish chef. I'll be scrubbing that image from my mind for a while, thanks!

Good job Sporky! Thanks Zee, these were great questions. Tough ones. You gave him a run for his money!

J.S. Wayne said...

@ Faith: Hey, it goes with anything, doesn't show stains as badly, and makes me look 20 lbs lighter! (Yes, guys have body image issues too.) What's not to love about THAT?
Glad you enjoyed the interview!
(BTW, Zee's being modest. I can't answer a question I'm not asked, now can I? ;) )

@ Shelly: Thanks so much for coming by!

@ Lucy: *Blush* Thank you! Can't wait to hear what you think about them. :) Thanks for dropping by!

@ Jessica: I used to read those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books as a kid. I stumbled across one that had survived the years and many, many moves (a Star Trek story) and flipped it open. Took me about three and a half seconds to get a headache LOL. Funny how things change, isn't it?
Thank you for coming over! :)

@ Renee: Hmm. Now I have a wardrobe idea for the next convention. Whether I'll USE it or not is another matter entirely! ;-D
I'm not entirely sure, looking back, that the Girl, Interrupted comparison will hold up. (You know how little TV I watch.) Guess the readers will have to judge that one. :)
Thanks for dropping by!

Jadette Paige said...

You hit it just right! JS leaves me with a smile everytime! I can't wait till 'Dead Means Dead' comes out.

Ren said...

Love it!
Thanks for a great post :)

J.S. Wayne said...

@ Jadette: Thank you! I'm really excited to get this one out and see how it does! Always good to see you! :)

@ Ren: Thank YOU for swinging by! :D

Amber said...

JS has a gift for answering questions, doesn't he? You have to admire a man who's so good with his tongue.

vitch36 said...

Great interview. But now I see the hat. With the spork. LOL

Story sounds wonderful!


J.S. Wayne said...

@ Amber: I--uh...Wow. I don't even know how to answer that. O_o
Thank you? ;)

@ Dana: LOL Thanks. I've got to do another video blog soon, and yes, I'll be wearing the hat. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Zee Monodee said...

So JS was here to hold down the fort while it was nighttime in my part of the world (and sadly, I am no longer a night owl - kids will do that to you!).

Thanks everyone for coming over - much, much appreciated! I really wanted to do this man justice, and I hope I managed even a tiny fraction - he's a lovely person and I'm oh so glad to have him as my friend (and in case you're wondering, no - I didn't wake up in a saccharine sweet good mood. What I just said is nothing but the truth *smile*).


J.S. Wayne said...

I had a wonderful time, Zee. Thanks so much for having me! :D You need to come over to the bar and hang out again sometime soon! You know you're welcome anytime, right?

Zee Monodee said...

Lol JS - thanks! I sure will take you up on that offer for my next release :)

It's been total fun, indeed! Come back anytime too *grin* XOXO

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